IL FARO organizes Italian language courses and Special Focus courses in the Italian language and culture. Lessons take place in the morning (9.00-10.40; break; 11.00-12.40), from Monday to Friday. Single lessons are 50 minutes long. Classes are held exclusively in Italian from the very first day, for all skill levels. All our teachers are native speakers and hold a university degree from prestigious Italian universities, as well as have an extensive experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language.
Italian language courses (four skill levels: beginner, intermediate 1 and 2, advanced):
Intensive course (20 weekly lessons);
Semi-intensive (10 weekly lessons);
“Senior” course (10 or 20 weekly lessons), designed for the more mature student who wishes to learn in an age-homogeneous group;
“Junior” course (10 or 20 weekly lessons), combines learning Italian with fun and recreational activities.
Special Focus courses (2 skill levels: intermediate 2 and advanced; 10 or 20 weekly lessons):
Conversation classes focus on spoken Italian, to improve the understanding of the language and fluency;
History of Italian Art, introduce you to the main works of Italian art, from Giotto to Michelangelo and from Canova to Boccioni;
Italian Literature, reading and understanding masterpieces of Italian literature from the Middle Ages to modern time, prose and poetry, from Dante to Calvino, from Petrarch to Eco;
Legal Italian and Italian for Business, students learn the technical vocabulary and expressions specific to business and learn to write and use the language to handle business, bureaucracy and law.
One-to-one lessons: 60-minute lessons to deal with specific aspects of Italian tailored to the student’s needs.
Italian course
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
extra week
2 hours per day
175 €
275 €
360 €
450 €
110 €
4 hours per day
350 €
550 €
720 €
900 €
220 €
26 € per hour
These prices are VAT inclusive and include tuition and study material.
NO registration fees required.
School staff is available to help students find a suitable accommodation, at special prices, in one of the many hotels, apartments and host families in and around town.
Special courses will only be run with a minimum enrolment of THREE students
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